Liangziptfe's PTFE lip seal was introduced in the early 1998's. The seals were designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. Hostile environments such as extreme temperatures, aggressive media, high surface speeds, high pressures, and lack of lubrication forced the designer to specify the expensive and complicated mechanical face type seals. Liangziptfe's PTFE lip seal provides the designer a significant iprovement in performance over elastomer lip seals at a much lower cost than the mechanical face seal. Due to our unique manufacturing capabilities we are able to quickly supply the geometry and material which best meets your requirements. Liangziptfe's PTFE lip seals solve difficult applications which are not addressed by conventional elastomer seals. We exceed the performance of elastomer lip seals in the following areas: .Greater chemical resistance .Lower friction .Capable of surface speeds to 35m/s .Works to temperature extremes(-70 to+250C) .Has extended seal life in dry or abrasive media .Handles pressures to 35 bar