NINGBO QUANTUM SEAL CO.,LTD (Former Yuyao LiangziPTFE Factory) was founded in 2000,specializes in development and manufacture of PTFE products with a range that includes the following products:
1) QuanSeaL® PTFE sealing lip  for PTFE seals
2) QuanSeaL® PTFE rotary shaft lip seals (PTFE oil seals)

3) QuanSeaL®PTFE Rod & Piston seals
4) QuanSeaL® PTFE Back-up Rings, Spiral Backing Rings and deformed parts
5) QuanSeaL® Spring energized PTFE and UHMWPE seals
6) QuanSeaL® PTFE O-Ring
7) QuanSeaL® PTFE and PEEK ball valve seat

8) QuanSeaL® PTFE Diaphragm


NINGBO QUANTUM SEAL CO., LTD is located  Yuyao economic development zone,Zhejiang Province,with convenient transportation.It has capital fund RMB 40 million with more than 50 skilled workers and covers an area of 6500 square meters with  building area of 6000 square meters

QUANTUM has introduced advanced equipments including 50 CNC Machines, 4 High-speed mixers, 20 automatic Hydraulic machines, 8 Automatic PTFE moulding machine, 5 Program controlling sinter furnaces, Automatic PTFE surface etched machine,4 Optical vision measuring, Tensile tester, Oil seal tester, Oil seal radial force measuring, TA TGA/DSC…..etc.

We has established perfect quality systems of ISO9001-2016 and IATF 16949-2016 to ensure its products quality.

Through many years of research we have successfully developed excellent performance PTFE sealing lip for PTFE seals. Shaft seals working in combination with this kind of PTFE sealing lip piece have been tested and qualified by the Changchun Automobile Institute. The products of these pieces have since been subcontracted to several large-scale domestic car production plants, and they have subsequently been exported around the world.
 QuanSeaL® PTFE seals are compatible with a large range of automobile engine, pumps, reaction kettles and blending machines, etc. Compared with other rubber seals these seals far outperform with regard to temperature, wear, pressure and chemical resistance.

Currently, the company is in a period of growth with turnover continuing to rise at a significant rate. We are a company that prides itself on its honesty and reliability. We are confident in ourselves and hence the service we provide. We are ready to place ourselves at your disposal and be your most reliable supplier for PTFE products. Our sales team awaits your call to begin discussions on how we can cooperate, as we warmly welcome you to join with us to build a successful partnership.